T E A C H I N G 

Do contact me if you are interested in guitar, bass, ukulele and/or music theory instruction.


I have several years of experience teaching in various settings: privately, in lessons departments of music equipment stores and in an arts non-profit organization.


My Teaching Philosophy:

As an instructor I aim to help my students develop a great breadth of tools and techniques to express their musical selves. I try to instruct music in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere focusing on each student’s individual goals and creative visions. It brings me great personal joy that through teaching I am able to share my knowledge and experience with students who I hope will develop a lifelong passion for their instrument and music as well. 

My genres of specialty include: Rock, metal, country, folk, blues and classical guitar.


 Inquire within as to whether I am currently accepting new students.

  Here are some videos of me demoing some of my favourite songs and styles to teach: 



JS Bach's Bouree


Van Halen's Eruption