T E A C H I N G 

Do contact me if you are interested in guitar, bass, ukulele and/or music theory instruction.


I have several years of experience teaching in various settings: privately, in lessons departments of music equipment stores and in an arts non-profit organization.


My Teaching Philosophy:

As an instructor I aim to help my students develop a great breadth of tools and techniques to express their musical selves. I try to instruct music in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere focusing on each student’s individual goals and creative visions. It brings me great personal joy that through teaching I am able to share my knowledge and experience with students who I hope will develop a lifelong passion for their instrument and music as well. 

My genres of specialty include: Rock, metal, folk, blues and classical guitar.


 Inquire within as to whether I am currently accepting new students.

  Here are some videos of me demoing some of my favourite songs and styles to teach: 



 "Bourrée in E minor"

J.S. Bach



Van Halen


Well Tempered Blues

William Beauvais


Dave (Parent), Guitar, July 2020

“Rosie is a talented guitarist and teacher who truly cares about her students. The extra effort she puts into her teaching not only shows in her lessons but also shows in how much my son has learned in only 1 year. My son's knowledge and ability greatly exceeds that of a friend of his who is taught by another instructor and started around the same time. The instructor you choose really can make a big difference! The true measure of a great guitar instructor is their ability to motivate the student to want to learn, as well as their ability to advance the student's knowledge at as fast a pace as is comfortable for the student. Rosie excels in both areas by tailoring her lessons to the student’s musical taste. We could not be happier with Rosie. Rosie is always generous with her time, making sure my son understands a new technique or skill. There is never a doubt that you are getting more than your money’s worth with her instruction. My son is a testament to Rosie's instruction. In such a short time, he has become more than just a student- He has become a guitarist.”


Brandi (Parent), Guitar, July 2020

Rosie was perfect! Rosie was amazing! Very upbeat, friendly and bubbly. She was very encouraging and supportive of my son and what he wanted to do as a student. Rosie has a real gift for working with kids and it was very much appreciated.


Bertha (Student), Guitar, July 2020

Rosie was excellent! She helped me progress as a player! Lessons with Rosie often were a source of relaxation. She was also my first online teacher and understood the way to teach me as a person with aspergers.”


Amanda (Parent), Guitar, July 2020

Rosie has been an engaging, knowledgeable and thoughtful guitar instructor. She is particularly knowledgeable about technique. Rosie was the first female guitar instructor my daughter ever had- that has been huge for her. Rosie was appreciated.”